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Patriots for Children
Veterans Empowering Education

Dear Future Veterans - Helping US School Districts

What is OSS?

A Program that Unites Veterans to help impoverished school Districts in the USA.

Strengthening children's education is the most important mission for our brothers and sisters, because it is an investment in our future, and a mission that calls for our attention.

Education empowers them to break cycles of poverty, build strong communities, and contribute positively to society. As veterans, we understand the importance of a strong foundation, and by focusing on education, we can ensure that the next generation has the tools to lead our country forward with strength, resilience, and unity.


2023 Campaign Ends August 10


Dear Future was founded by a US Navy Veteran with the vision to bring Education and Health to children Globally. Always maintaining rudder on a strategy that will one day bring our Organization to the following missions:

  1. The most Needy (Africa, South America and South Asia)

  2. The USA

  3. To our veterans


Patriots for Children was created to bring in veterans that can align themselves to that mission and help Dear Future start a program that supports our own, in three simple steps:

  1. Create teams

  2. Fund raise for your team.

  3. Select and Donate to the most needy.

2023 Campaign Ends August 10

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