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Children in Peru get Educated

Education and Health for every  child


Our Vision

A world where every child becomes a global citizen—curious, compassionate, and equipped with the knowledge to shape a brighter future.

Our Mission

To bring Health and Education to Children living in Remote Communities and in Extreme Poverty.


It's not just about providing resources ; it's about nurturing young minds, promoting empathy, and building a foundation for a world where every child's potential is realized, regardless of where they start their journey

Our Primary Method:
School Materials

Locate the Need - By way of research, making physical contact and validating the need.

Elevate Education- Provide institutions of learning and students, the materials so they don't have to go without.

Commit to a Promise - Provide educators a partner in children's education.

Grow with Them - Responsibly honor our supporters by growing our reach and fulfilling our vision to reach every child.


Our Projects - Present and Future


Getting Kids to School

Education is a Right

No child should be working instead of learning.  Education is a human right for children everywhere.


Hygienic Support

Children's Health is a Right

Dear Future - Chile launched this program in collaboration with Empathy Children Initiative and the Namugga Mable Foundation.


Patriots for Children

Veterans for Education

Our Veteran community is strong, and together we created a program for our peers, to support our school districts

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