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How do we work?

It is very important to our team that we clearly state how we do-what we do.  Our donors are above and beyond our most important stakeholder; because of them and the trust they place on Dear Future we are able to successfully help our children.

As we build our brand, we are committed to follow our self imposed business rules:

  1. Strive to remain a transparent nonprofit organization.

  2. To not grow beyond what we can support, no empty promises.

  3. All donations are used for operations directly supporting our vision.

  4. Although we want to grow to a point in which we can fairly pay our employees, at the moment, Dear-Future is committed to be led by 100% volunteers.

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Improving Education of Children, but how?

Identify the need.

The first step is to locate children that live in extreme poverty and remote locations.  We accomplish this by utilizing contacts native to a region, or by contacting the local clergy, who are very aware of the population's needs.

Next we identify the schools children attend, or could attend, and make contact with the leadership and teachers; to create a more clear picture of the need.


Validate the Need

The need can be validated a couple of different ways; ideally a visit to the region and the school can visually validate the conditions and lead to confident approvals and actions; this however, can be a costly option. Alternatively, the following steps are used when necessary: use a recommendation from an already vetted school or clergy; and, initiate contact with the candidate school; and, establish a visual understanding of the condition by use of photos and video; finally, having an in depth conversation and listing of the exact needs can lead to the next steps.



Key on our execution is listening to the voice of the local representative, such as the school principal and the teachers' needs, and the nonprofit leaders already fighting the fight.  They will quickly identify the priorities and waste no time in expressing how these shortcomings are affecting their ability to teach.

Cooperatively, we will create a list of needs, and guide them to understand what our limitations are.  As a 501c3 organization, we are responsible to the government of the United States to ensure we stay within the limitations of our mission and vision (Health and Education for every child).


Approve and Execute

The findings and the list of needs are now elevated to the board of directors, who govern the decisions of Dear Future and ensures staying within the limitations of the law.  Additionally, as a concerted effort, the leadership team ensures no details were left out, and makes sure we aren't missing any opportunity to fully help.

Execution of the action is performed by the local Operations team if available, and has the full support, either in person or virtually of the U.S. based team.

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