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Thank you for considering sponsoring Dear Future, Inc. 

Together we can make a world of difference.

Thank you for your Consideration

Our Vision

Education and Health for every Child, no matter where they are.  We believe every child deserves an opportunity to be educated.

Our Mission

To remove the obstacles to Education and Health from children living in remote and extremely poor regions of the world.

Dear Future is an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, EIN 87-2958392, working to improve the lives of children Globally.

Sponsorship Levels

Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 7.46.33 PM.png

All sponsorship levels have a duration of 1 year from the agreement date.

Logo placement on website - Provided to all sponsors at all levels.  The terms Bronze, Gold, etc will not be mentioned in the site but the logos will be in order. Individual level sponsorship listing will be in alphabetical order.

  • Every effort will be made to ensure sponsors positioning reflect their contributions to the cause.

  • Logos will not differ in size, but will render the attributes of the design.

  • Logos will be placed towards the bottom of the home page, and a sponsor page will be created to provide more detail to the sponsorship relationship with Dear Future.  The sponsor will be given the ability to create a statement of choice.

Social media recognition on completed mission posts - Missions executed will have a social media  announcement of completion with a description of the impact made.

This media release will include recognition of all Copper and above sponsors; this recognition will be expressed in written words, or within a picture created to recognize sponsors.  At sponsor's request, hashtags and/or tags can be used to promote attention to the sponsor’s achievements. 


Sponsor special mention  on social media video releases - Missions executed in country will be treated with a social media video release that will bring attention to all silver and above sponsors.  Recognition will be expressed verbally or in writing at the end of the video.  Individual, and exclusive video releases are not available for Silver sponsors.


Logo placement and recognition placed on  promotional materials - Project specific promotional materials will be treated with Silver and above sponsor logos.  Exceptions include: Company specific promotional or description brochures, and/or fundraising marketing materials.  This benefit is specifically applicable to promotional materials made available for company projects.

This includes banners taken and used for photos in missions, while performing deliveries or recurring visits.


Gold Only Benefits

Honorable mentions on news media releases (all mediums) - All Gold sponsors will be mentioned  in news media releases.  Dear Future when able, and as long as allowed by the media company, will use the platform to thank Gold sponsors verbally or in Print.


Product Sampling - Dear Future will sample sponsor’s products during operations in country, while executing a mission; dear Future can provide a notice of gratitude and an explanation of benefits for the product made available for use, but is NOT allowed to advertise on the sponsor’s behalf.


Presented by  Rights - Gold members only are allowed to introduce company projects.  Example: “2024 School materials give away, presented by YOUR COMPANY”   Individual  materials can be re-released for exclusive use of the Gold member, under the understanding that other Gold sponsors will have the same right. Every effort will be made to place the sponsor in Marketing opportunities, ie: wear shirt with Gold sponsors and Dear Future logo, etc.




2024 Campaign Sponsorship  Donations

We use and stripe as a payment processor for direct sponsorship donations.


We'd love to hear from you


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