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Getting Kids to School

The Problem

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) published that in the year 2019 260+ million children were out of school when they should be attending.  COVID complicated the situation and as countries are striving to get kids into school, no significant improvement has manifested.  

  • Kids deserve to attend school

  • Education is a global right

  • Global education is everyone's responsibility

  • Equity in education must be talked about


Our Goal

At Dear Future, our goal is to provide children access to school materials to combat a large obstacle created by poverty.  We see remote and extremely poor locations, where 99.0% of the children are living in extreme poverty.​

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Postcards With Friends

An Educational Penpal Activity

Dear Future - US in collaboration with schools inTexas (USA), District of Huanuco (Peru), and Districts of Wakiso and Mayuge (Uganda) created a cultural bridge for our children to get to know the world.

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Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce our dedicated program managers who are leading our Education Programs in South America and Africa. Their passion for education and commitment to making a positive impact in these regions is at the forefront of our mission to create a brighter future for all.

Our children

Many kids quit or don't attend school because they can't afford the costs of materials.

Children living in extreme poverty

Mothers are forced to bring their children to arduous days of work, because they can't afford the school fees and the materials.

268M children are not in school when they should be

No child should be missing out on the opportunity of an education.  No child should be collecting physical and emotional scars from child labor, or exploitation.

Education is the nexus to a brighter future.

But hope there is!!!

Most Children want school! Most mothers want their kids educated, and there are many institutions making it happen.

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