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My Personal Story

Written by Karen Yajaira Silva Zambrano.

6th grade, San Isidro de Visag, Huanuco, Peru.

My name is Karen Yajaira Silva Zambrano, I am 11 years old, I was born in the village of San Isidro de Visag, which belongs to the District of Santa Maria del Valle Region, Huanuco-Peru.

My parents are Jacinta and Even, I have 6 siblings, 4 girls and 2 boys, I am the fifth daughter; Since I was 3 years old I liked going to kindergarten to study; I like to paint, sing, dance, draw, I also like to play with my sister Maria Cristina who is the last sister.

I was very happy until my mother died and my father went to prison for very sad reasons. Since that day I have lived with my older siblings, who by the way have never failed me, they took care of my little sister Maria Cristina and me. I am grateful for everything they do for me, my uncles and grandparents also support me, they are good, they are always attentive to everything, they are my family and I love them.

I am currently in the 6th grade of primary school. I love to draw and study; I thank Dear Future and Mr. Ricardo, who supports us every year with school supplies that benefit me and my classmates from IE Visag to study. We are very happy.

I would like to continue my studies until I become a professional. I dream of being an actress, when I see the movies it inspires me to be like those actors.

I also have a little dog called Pepe, he is reddish in color, he is very playful and he is my companion when I get home from school, he waits for me happily and we go out to the field to play, I found him near the river, he was alone and very small and I I took it to my house; from that day on he stayed with me and I am happy.

My teacher Irma Marina supported me in telling my story. Thank you for listening to me; with great affection I say goodbye to you.

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