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Dear Future Sponsorships

Be the Force behind our Programs

Sponsorships serve as the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations, sustaining our vital work in communities around the world. Your contribution in this form creates a mutually beneficial partnership between our organizations. With our energy, human resources, and extensive connections, we can extend your company's reach of kindness to the farthest reaches of our mission. Together, let's make a meaningful impact and create positive change in the world.

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Education - Our African Front

Support our work in Eastern Africa

Individually, our Eastern African program targets what UNICEF identifies as the world's most affected region in terms of education accessibility and equity. Our efforts in Eastern Africa are steadily expanding, and together, we have the power to reach thousands of children and alter the course of this emerging catastrophe. Join us in making a difference and shaping a brighter future for the next generation in Eastern Africa.

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Health - End Period Poverty

Help us end Period Poverty

In East Africa, and in many other regions globally, women and girls face a culture of silence around menstruation and reproductive health. This lack of discourse often leads to girls missing or dropping out of school due to a lack of understanding or access to hygienic menstrual management. Compounding the issue, menstrual hygiene products are often costly and difficult to obtain. Our health program is specifically crafted to safeguard girls' education, ensuring that not another day of school is missed due to these challenges.

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Education - Donate to Educate

Create a Campaign

Donate to Educate is our flagship fundraiser crafted to provide vital support for all aspects of Dear Future's mission, encompassing administrative, marketing, and operational needs. Your contribution enables us to continue our essential work and make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. 

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Education - 2024 Year - Campaign

Unleash Kindness... for Every Child

While initially supporting 300 children in Eastern Uganda, we recognized that 3000 children remained without assistance. In response, we made a firm commitment to return fully prepared to aid every child in the schools we support. Our dedication to serving these communities remains unwavering, ensuring that no child is left behind. Together, let's fulfill our promise and provide a brighter future for all children in need.

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Virtual Store

Dear Future Bodega

To support our programs, we provide our supporters access to any souvenirs and memorable items from the locations that we serve; in turn supporting the communities we serve and giving them the ability to have a little piece of Dear Future in their homes.  Visit our Bodega to make a purchase of an item you won't find anywhere else!

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