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Team Coco Caramel

As we were researching and figuring out how we were going to get to Uganda, I (Ric) "accidentally" ran into a profile on Linkedin under the name of Kevin Valdez. Kevin and I happened to be in the same work line in the past, and now we are long retired from it. But we shared a thing in common and it would prove to be a great thing the more I learned about Kevin.

Kevin had posted a link to his new youtube channel, which he was promoting as a first for them and asking us the viewers to watch and support. The video was about... the life of an American family in Uganda!

He and his family had recently moved to Uganda, as a stop over before they arrive at their destination in Rwanda, but they would be in Uganda for a few months before they can move on. Kevin, his wife, and his two year old decided to pick up, take the dogs and become international nomads.

Kevin and his wife had decided to become you-tubers!!!

So I hit him up for information, and he was like: "yeah man, anything you want". We exchanged information and I found out he was a photographer and videographer and...hold the phone, what? would be willing to do some pro-bono photography for Dear Future? "yeah man! not sure how long I can do it, but I'm game", he said.

Below are the results.

Part I

Part II

Contact info:

Team Coco Caramel

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