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A brief history of Dear Future, by Ric

As I was finishing an EMBA in 2018, my brother Fernando and I began discussing the possibility of starting a consulting company or a different type of business that would join the two countries, potentially in a healthy exchange of management practices and improvements. Many conversations were had and Alineo, consultants was born to eventually absorb the winning idea.

We struggled with the "what", couldn't really nail down the exact thing we wanted to do; and he and I discovered that we had very different experience backgrounds. He carried an extensive computer systems and program management deeply engrained in digital systems. I, however carried manufacturing and general management experience; we found very little in common to grow an idea from, at the time.

There was possibly an evident scarcity of creativity, however following one of my beliefs, I understood that everything happens for a reason, and when in season; as well as some times things just don't happen due to greater reasons.

One of our goals, no matter which way this went, was to give back, and we decided to try something unplanned and help children while searching for a reason to help other needs. I solicited from my neighbors clothes, and to my surprise everybody pitched in. I wasn't surprised about the fact that they helped, but how quickly they jumped at the idea. Before I knew it I had 2 full 50 pound bags and a backpack full of kids and baby clothes.

We visited 2 orphanages, discussed the possibility of helping the elder, and reached out to local hospitals to help children in need. We immediately hooked up with Casa Hogar la Divina Providencia; an orphanage that cared for girls ages 5 to 15 and the occasional baby.

We continued to help this orphanage, for the next year. We changed their emergency lights, which were in bad disrepair, donated stoves to contribute to their kitchen remodel, donated 3 computers and 3 printers to upgrade their homework room (later the pandemic proved this donation to be very timely), and lastly we worked with sick children in a pediatric oncology ward in a national hospital (Hospital Eduardo Rebagliati).

COVID hit all of us, and we were unable to travel, even within Peru, Fernando couldn't move around easily, so we decided to take a break and wait until the situation calmed down. Two years later, as we were seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, Fernando and I decided to make this little side project a nonprofit organization and we began taking the steps to incorporate in September of 2021.

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