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Where we are in April 2022

Created by Ricardo Juarez Last updated: Apr 04, 2022 1 min read

We have had a great couple of months at Dear Future, as the approvals from the IRS became a reality to be a 501c3, and the set up of our financial structure. We now have set up the following systems:

  • Point Bank corporate checking account for Dear Future - Ric has access.

  • Stripe payments was set up directly to that account.

  • Also set up is square payments for the case we might need to take a credit card payment…

  • The website was set up, though admittedly needs help to add more cowbell, and colors as Alley mentioned.

  • Donorbox was set up to provide the API that takes the donations from the website. a little clunky on the background but it works smoothly and Fernando and I have tested that it works and receipts are sent to the donors.

    • The challenge initially was “the How” do we add such service, all the companies I looked into were expensive.

    • Donorbox is free, but limited, when you start talking about other options, you step into the paid stuff.

    • I opted to have the 'donate button” direct the donor to a fundraiser page, because it allows the donor to use apple pay, google pay, and other features not available in a pop up or in-website api.

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