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  • What is Dear Future?
    Dear Future is a 501c3 non profit organization with the vision of bringing education and health to every child. Our focus is to provide children living in extremely poor and remote areas in the world access to materials to attend school and to bring educational tools to children unable to attend school in person. We believe in giving families the option of education and that they shouldn't have to choose between food or school.
  • How does Dear Future execute its mission?
    As a new and growing organization we believe in careful and well thought out operations, our entry to support families is organized around the need for school materials. 1. Our initial operations will consist on school materials, provided to children of school age, and to educators that are lacking the basic tools (dry erase markers, paper, etc). 2. Established growth by successfully completing donations school by school. 3. Package a successful recipe to repeat it in any country. 3. Maintain a growth mindset, open to change and focused in children's education.
  • How will my donation be used?
    Every donation will be used to execute mission operations. A percentage of the donation will be separated between: Operating costs. Material purchases. Children scholarships (future plan). Other recognized needs that directly support health and education of children in poverty stricken areas.
  • Can I recommend a new location that needs assistance?
    Yes. We will be happy to study the need and the possibility of help. Dear Future's goals is to carefully integrate regions that are hardest hit by poverty. The variables that will aid in making this decision: Dear Future's budget. Verification that recommendation is a valid location and meets our vision and mission requirements. The ability of Dear Future to recruit a country ambassador.
  • How much of my donations goes to employee salaries?
    Zero. As much as we would like to be large enough to afford paying some of our hardest working positions, at the moment we are 100% volunteers. Our executive team are not drawing any salaries. Our plan for the near future however, is to be able to help the local economy by hiring key positions. Our strategy sees 1-3 years before we hit that goal.
  • Is my donation Tax Deductible?
    Yes. Dear Future is a 501c3 approved organization. If you are subject to taxes in the United States of America, you are able to deduct this donation on your yearly taxes. Not applicable in other countries.
  • Who manages / processes donations?
    Donations are managed by Donorbox and processed by Stripe payments. Refunds and changes must be requested from or through your Donorbox account.
  • I made a mistake, Can I get a Refund?
    Yes! We are stoked you thought of us, but if you made a mistake we are happy to fix that for you. Contact:
  • Should I expect a receipt?
    Yes! You will receive a receipt at the email address you used to make the donation. If you experience any difficulties or did not receive a receipt: Check your junk email. Check other folders that may have received the email. contact:
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