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Extending Our Reach: Providing Hygienic Pads to More Girls in Mayuge, Uganda

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we provided disposable hygienic pads to girls in two primary schools in the district of Mayuge, Uganda.

Bishop Primary in Kyando and Kabuki Primary approached our partner, Empathy Children Initiative, to discuss the possibility of support. They reported that their girls were experiencing high absenteeism, partly due to a lack of access to hygienic supplies and the inability to manage their periods with dignity. To understand the gravity of the situation, girls in these regions resort to unsafe and unhygienic methods to manage their periods. These methods include using wadded-up cotton or hay, cotton-wrapped dirt as an absorbent, or simply staying home from school.

These two schools are new to our support network but have come at a perfect time as we transition our three existing schools to reusable pads. This long-term solution will prevent us from having to distribute disposable pads for at least two years.

In the meantime, Bishop Primary and Kabuki Primary will begin receiving disposable pads until we can provide them with a reusable solution. This expansion is a significant step in our growth and strengthens our commitment to ensuring that more girls can manage their periods with dignity and not miss another day of school.

Thank you for supporting Dear Future as we continue to work hard to give every girl the opportunity to attend school confidently and comfortably.

This program is a reality thanks to the collaboration and partnership of Dear Future, Inc and Empathy Children Initiative, a Ugandan NGO, based in Mayuge, Easter District of Uganda, Uganda.

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