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Empowering Girls in Lukungu Primary School: A Milestone in Menstrual Health

Today, June 28th, 2024 (Uganda), we proudly provided girls at Lukungu Primary School with reusable hygienic pads and education on proper usage and cleaning of the pads along with menstruation facts. In these regions, access to pads is almost impossible, and the subject of menstruation is taboo at home and challenging to discuss in school.

Dear Future, in partnership with Empathy Children Initiative, acts as an educational agent to support school principals (Head Masters). Our goal is to ensure that girls receive the necessary education and supplies so they no longer miss school days due to menstruation and lack of supplies to manage their periods. We understand that girls in our supported regions often stay home for several days each month, creating a significant educational deficit that is hard to overcome; therefore we are meeting the challenge head on, to ensure our communities of support grow proud, smart and successful students.

Our support is crucial for their education and dignity, allowing them to grow and achieve their fullest potential. Lukungu Primary is one of three primary schools we will support this year with reusable pads. Other schools will receive disposable pads until we can purchase a follow-up reusable batch.

By addressing these challenges, we aim to create a brighter future for these girls, enabling them to continue their education without interruption and with dignity. Thank you for supporting Dear Future in making this vital difference in the lives of young girls in Uganda.

This program is a reality thanks to the collaboration and partnership of Dear Future, Inc and Empathy Children Initiative, a Ugandan NGO, based in Mayuge, Easter District of Uganda, Uganda.

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