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Let's Build a School in Africa!!!

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In collaboration between,, The Namugga Mable Foundation and Transformational Coaching, LLC; we are launching a collaborative fundraiser to build a transformational Unitive Justice School in the Najjemba Village in Uganda's district of Wakiso.  

This school will house over 500 students from the region, and will allow children living the most extreme levels of poverty to receive an education.  

The primary school shown here currently lives on borrowed land and is at risk of being removed.


The condition of the current school is below acceptable conditions, exposed to the weather and unprotected from other environmental situations. It currently doesn't have a bathroom; they have to borrow from neighbors, or use the ground hole outside.


Our goal is to build a brick and mortar school that can withstand the rainy seasons for years to come, in a location that is secure and accessible to more children; particularly the children who work in the nearby stone quarry, because they can't afford the tuition of the local schools.

Once built, the goal is for the new school to be designated as a Unitive School, based on the teachings of Unitive Justice (UJ). 

Schoolteachers will receive training on ways to implement conflict resolution techniques that support generational healing through lovingkindness and connection.

What is Unitive Justice?

The term ”Unitive” means connection at the level of our shared humanity. The term “Justice” refers to the moral principle of just behavior that approximates concern for oneself and implicitly includes peace, Love, connection and other global values. 

What is a Unitive School?

A Unitive School is a school where students, teachers and administrators use the principles of Unitive Justice, and these principles become woven into the fabric of how the school operates.

Unitive Justice addresses conflict, but not in ways that compound harm. A system is created that offers alternative ways of addressing conflicts and disputes that do not cause further trauma.

This creates a school climate in which violations become less frequent by using Classroom Circles, Group Circles and initiating ways to humanize the school environment by meeting needs with available resources.

Resolving conflict using the tools that Unitive Justice offers supports a rich and rewarding learning environment with less class disruption and higher engagement.

You can be a part of providing these beautiful children a place to study and become better versions of all of us through incorporating Unitive Justice in their education.

This fundraiser is and will remain exclusively dedicated to complete this first school, and allow us to continue supporting education in Africa.

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